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Safety & Risk Awareness

Exclusion of Liability

It is a condition of your use of the premises and facilities and your participation in these activities that you assume all risk of personal injury, death or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract, or breach of any duty of care on the part of the ski area operator.

Your legal responsibility as a user of the ski area premises and facilities or participant in activities at the ski area is explained in the following notice, which you will see posted at the ski area.

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Alpine Responsibility Code

The Responsibility Codes provides the basic rules of conduct and must be followed by all using the terrain. 
There are 3 Responsibility Codes consistent across all Ski Areas of Western Canada:
Alpine Responsibility Code,  Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code & Cross Country Responsibility Code.

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Know Before You Go

Being prepared is essential to having a safe and enjoyable day at the ski area. This includes knowing what the weather will be, being aware of your surroundings, communicating a plan with others, being aware of equipment on the hill, wearing a helmet, among other things.

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Lift Safety

There are many signs on and around ski lifts. Each is important in its own right, informing you about the process for loading, riding, and unloading the chair. Pay attention to and obey these signs when riding a ski lift.

If you are unfamiliar with a lift or have questions, please ask a lift attendant for assistance and directions. Ski, snowboard and bike park lessons are also great ways to learn about using the ski lifts.

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When visiting a ski area, the premise is not limited to the ski runs – many ski areas will have day lodges, parking lots, restaurants, tube/tobogganing areas, terrain parks, walkways, access roads and other ski area facilities. You will come across signage throughout the ski area premise that are important to respect and understand. Please pay close attention to all signage. It is present for the safety of both guests and employees. Failing to follow the directions on these signs may result in the loss of your ticket or pass. It is your responsibility to be aware of mountain signage at all times.

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Terrain Park & Features

When riding in Terrain Parks, there are a number of specific etiquette and safety practices that all users should follow.

The basics of terrain park safety are outlined in the Smart Style – Park Smart Terrain Safety Program.

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Boot Bindings

The ski boot/binding system for alpine skiing may not release during every fall or may release unexpectedly. The ski boot/binding system is no guarantee that the skier will not be injured. 

The snowboard boot/binding system is not designed or intended to release and will not release under normal circumstances. Given the snowboard boot binding system is a non-release system, the system will not reduce the risk of injury during a fall and will increase the risk of not surviving an avalanche.

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Speed & Collision Safety

Complementing the Responsibility Code, #RideAnotherDay promotes three actions every skier and rider can take to help keep themselves and those around safer on the slopes. These three actions are:

Be Ready

Plan Ahead

Stay Alert

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